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♥You Think This Kills Me♥

Your Wrong..

♥Shannon Gail♥
29 July
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i'm shannon gail...

Marilyn Monroe is Love

::Last Time::

All I want to do is be with you,
But I'm stuck inside this empty room,
Careless without a thought of what's going on,
Justing picturing of seeing you one last time,
Lost inside my mind,
No turning back,
It's time to see your destiny unwind! - *me*

Boys Kissing is Sex Love

::I'm Not Sorry::

I Can't Apologize,
For My Unwritten Lies,
It Seems To Be The Only Reason You Cry,
So Let Me Tell You Something,
I'm Not Sorry For What I Did,
It's All In The Past,
And You Shouldn't Get The Best Of The Last,
So Sorry's Not An Option,
I'm Not Sorry For The Weakness In Your Eyes,
And I'm Not Sorry For The Pain In Your Soul,
The Only Thing I'm Sorry For,
Is That I Gave You My Heart,
And You Decided To Tear It Apart,
So I'm Not Sorry For The Tears In Your Eyes,
And I'm Not Sorry For The Reasons You've Cried! -*me*

::Unexpected Love::

And when I cry,
I will not cry for you,
But the unexpected love I fell into,
You will never have a clue,
As of why I fell for you!- *me*

::The Night::

She's frighten,
She's scared,
She's desperate,
And in despire,
She let's loose of his grip,
Her eyes begin to flip,
He hit her now,
She is gone,
He wonders went wrong,
Two days later they find the body,
Her parents wait in the hospital lobby,
They cry so hard,
For who could've done this,
Two years have went by,
He's still free,
But he's in so much misery,
For how could he kill the one he loved,
His concious has caught him,
He turns himself in,
But for only that he yets to live the past,
the memory of that night will always last...
-Shannon *me*

please dont steal any poems written by me! which are all of them.


And When We Kiss
I Promise You
It Will Be The Best.

Heaven's Been Found In Your Arms,
And All That I Know Is That I Wont Let Go! - Denver Harbor!

And He Cant Understand How Everyone Goes On Breathing When True Love Ends... -Spilled Canvas!

Abercrombie is love

♥ Abercrombie and Fitch is love

Dolled Up Designs.

I Love Frank!!! <3 1*28*05