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you haunt me. you keep coming in my head and i just need you to be gone. i know i hurt you, and i know i practically killed you but please, i'm sorry.. i am. You say you've forgiven me but why do you keep haunting my head? when it's time for bed your face is there making it impossible to fall asleep. I keep thinking about you when i shouldn't. why can't you just leave me alone? it's like i'm finally feeling your pain that i made you feel. You're crushing me, destroying me and i havent even seen you in over two years. why do you keep coming back in my head? why can't i let you go from my past? i need you to be gone, i need you to be okay, and i need to move on. i dont know why you werent right for me but i know i'm not right for you.. i know if i were to of stayed i would have killed you. I wouldve ruined everything that i loved about you. I would make you miserable. you were my bestfriend.. and i miss that more than anything. But it's always been him, and i love him more than anything in this world, and i know i'll be with him til the day i die. please understand that i didnt want to hurt you, i loved you. but he's the one. please please please please stop haunting my head. let me sleep tonight..... i'm sorry.

i promise you that i was no good for you, and i never will be. you deserve to be with someone who loves every bit of you.
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