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could this be true? no no..

joke of the day: what does the lion king and obama have in common?
ANSWER: the king was a african lion and the president is a lyin african.

funny right? actually, no. it's not funny at all. An older gentlemen told me this yesterday while at a bbq. he didnt realize that i am an obama supporter. I WANT A FUTURE. and i believe that obama will be giving me a future.

I hate small minded people and ignorant people. it's 2009 people! racism is ridiculous and needs to be put in the past! grow up. learn a lesson and look around you. we are all different. gay. straight. bi. black. white. asian. mexican. whatever we may be we share this earth together. we wake up every morning and breathe just like everyone else. we love. we laugh. we hug. we kiss. we smile. we cry. we all do the same things but we're all judged so differently. why is that? because of our beliefs, or what we look like, or who we may love may not be of the opposite sex. but who are you to judge? i am who i am without any discomfort. i love myself and my life. and the people that surrond it. we have an african american president and some people see that as the world ending.. but what the fuck did Bush do? he drowned us in war and violence. he gave the young adults of america nothing. no jobs, just unemployment. so thank you bush, you did this country well. my beliefs are strong and i will stand up for anything that i believe in without any fear.

it's time for a change.  a change in the way we look at life.
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