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it's over. goodbye..

last day of high school was yesterday. I don't think I realized how important this step is, in my life. I look around at everyone's faces and I knew right then and there that i might and probably never will see them again. Some of my class I barely talked to but in the end, we will walk across that stage together. We finished something together, and for that i'm thankful for having them in my life. The senior breakfest was a bitter sweet ending to it all. There we were, in one area, all together, for the last time. no interruptions, no work, no struggle, just all of us.. ready to leave. I couldnt grasp this at the time but now.. today.. i feel like everything is over. We as seniors, started something together and now.. it's time to finish it. I really dont think i'm ready to let go of all of them but i do know, that they will survive in the REAL WORLD, and will make a difference. Clintondale taught us to be ourselves, express our feelings, and never judge anyone. Our senior class looks at a person and we dont see skin, ethnicity, religion, hair style, glasses, etc.. we see the person for who they are. I love this about us. We have the power to look past at all of this and see the real person and what they  might have to offer us. I love my senior class, and it's a sad goodbye but a much excited one. We as a class, are ready to leave high school and start life off right. I am going to miss the jokes, the laughs, the run to our first hours, the looks, the lunch room talks, the crazy halls, the insane parties, the football/basketball games. and most of all.. i'm going to miss us beng all together as one. I love you all, senior class. You have truly inspired me. good luck, with all you do. I know we can and will make it. <3
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