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what a job..

I worked last night till 12:30 am. someone please shoot me? i beg.
oh! and i might get called in today too, aren't i just so lucky?

if you're looking for a job, i wouldnt recommend the movie theater. you always smell like popcorn and sweat.

here's an old journal entry.. this was a low point in my life. BUT, i'm really good with where i'm at NOW. Things keep falling in place..NOW, IF I COULD ONLY FIND A NEW JOB!!!! LOL..

March 25, 2008 12:21 p.m.

    I don’t believe in genuine people. We’re all a bunch of fakes and phonies. We pretend to be people we’re not. How do you feel when you go home at night, knowing you’re nothing like what you act like during the day? I try to show people I’m strong, but boy .. I am as weak as a mouse trying to carry an elephant on their back. Nothing seems to bring a smile to my face. I should be so happy. I have parents that love me, two amazing best friends, and boys that would love to have me as their girl, but I’m nothing near happy. I’m _______ blank. I have no feeling. It’s numb and cold. Frank claims that he loves me but, now a days it’s so hard to believe. I don’t understand why I choose to hold onto what frank and I have. Maybe because when I’m with him I feel invincible. Like nothing in this world could possibly touch me, but him. His arms are strong and they make me feel incredibly safe and warm, but he rarely ever opens his arms too me anymore. His kisses are warm and full of life, maybe mine are cold and dead, maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t like kissing me anymore. His chest is my home and nook, but I never get to lay on his chest anymore. His hands are a work of art, he uses his hands everyday, and when I hold his hand, I hold so tight, I never want to let go, but I never find my hand in his hand anymore.
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