♥Shannon Gail♥ (xoxogiggles) wrote,
♥Shannon Gail♥

we could disappear..

things just arent going right. why cant this world be nothing but happiness? i guess that's pretty impossible. but we have to stay strong. through the hard times we have to stay strong. becoming weak is the worst mistake you could make. sometimes life isnt fair and sometimes it seems like your whole world is crashing right in front of your eyes, and what the fuck do you do? well.. you stick your head up, and smile. remember that you were once a happy person. that things do get better, if you give it time. time takes forever though, doesnt it? i'm so fucked up and confused. in high school things were so easy for me and my friends. nothing bad ever happened, everything was set. everything was fine. and now that we're out on our own it seems like the world we once used to feel so safe and happy in is falling, crashing, crumbling to the ground. what the fuck can save us now? can we save ourselves? we have eachother dont we? even if youre away at college i can still use your strength to get by..

my friends families are crashing and i will be the rock they lean on, and i will take care of them. their more like family than friends. they've been there through all my horrible times, and now it's my turn to be a fucking MAN and help them. how ever i can, i will. they mean the world to me. <3
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