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so world, where are we in life?

hmph, why do people lie? i mean a white lie once in awhile is fine but constantly lying is just ridiculous if you ask me. why do we lie to make the ones we love feel better, because in the end arent we just hurting them same way. lies never got unnoticed and people usually get caught so why? do we lie to make ourselves feel better? do we lie to make others feel better? do we lie to make the world a little bit better than it was the day before? or do we lie in order to make sure we get a goodnights sleep at the end of a long day? either of these ways are no excuse for lying.. telling your bestfriends hair is cute when it's not is one thing but the government lying to their people is outrageous. horrible. wrong. they thing they're protecting us but theyre really just hurting us. who are we if we never know the truth? we are the lie. we feed the lies that we're told. we spread them like giant mosquitoes. infecting everyone we talk too. fuck our mouths. fuck our words. and fuck the lies we're told.

be a fucking real person. tell the truth before you hurt anyone too bad. lies can lead to horrible consequences.
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