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so this is life..

where's our revolution? where's our youth's rebellion? are we all potheads and alcoholics? have we conformed to government's standards? cant we change the idea or the wannabe's and wash-outs, or is that what we're meant to be? we're dreamers of the LA scene and the new york dream. where's our woodstock? where's our protests? where's our voice? what happened to us? why are we the way we are? our teachers tell us to dream big and go for the gold. but what if all we really want is to be happy? cant that be enough? do we really need to be famous actors with a size 00 to be successful? why cant we just make a statement? stand for what we believe in and stop being a pussy! why cant we say we hate war? and actually do something about it? why? why can't we change the world? what happened to the youth of  america? where's our tomorrow's leaders?
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