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oh my..

i havent updated this thing in a long time.

i cant believe it's finally senior year and i'll be out on my own in less than 3 months! you think i'd be scared but i'm really not, i can handle my own. i look back at old entries and see how much i've changed and cant believe how fast time has flown by. i love all my friends, and seeing them go off to bigger and better things makes me very happy and proud of them but at the same time i know in my heart that i'm going to miss seeing their faces in the lunchroom or the halls of CHS. My freshmen year i hated CHS and now, as a senior, i can't picture graduating from any other school. The class of 2009 is more than friends but their family too me, and you never want to let go of your family. CHS has taught me so many life lessons, maybe not as much learning as the classrooms but the hallways of CHS is like a classroom. You interact will all different types of people and deal with their different personalities and races. CHS is by far the most diverse school around Macomb County. I'm proud to say i graduated from CHS, it gave me a better understanding of the real world and how many different people you're going to have to interact with.

June 5th, 2009 is when i'll officially be a High School Graduate. and boy, i can not wait!
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