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" i want to hold my breath for as long as it takes.
i want to stop breathing just long enough to know what
it would be like to be totally still.
like being a cough away from death.
not really there - not really here."
- Bottled Up.

i've been reading a lot of books lately. 
eight to be exact. but the qoute above hit me like a rock.
i can't get it out of my head.

things change you know? and people change too.
i've done a lot of growing up since i last updated.
i've learned many things and yet, i'm still me.
i have different friends, different point of views, and different life.
one thing that hasnt changed is the person i love the most.
 my boyfrann. <3
he's the only person whose stuck around when i got bad.
in the summer of 2007 the doctors diagnosed me with mild depression.
i can't think straight when i'm mad, and i take anger out on everything.
 my family is afraid of me. 
 i've broken my nuckle twice because of my anger.
i'd rather stay mad than sad.
 i get mad at everything and everyone.
i stopped talking to all my friends and lost myself.

but now, life is back in order.
although, my old friends are still gone.
i have new ones. they keep me happy.
and it's never drama.
 probably because they're all guys except amy but oh well. lol.

 girlfriends piss me off.
my boys have girlfriends
the girls think i want them. lmfao.
 no thanks.
i already have an amazing boyfrann.
 jealousy pisses me off especially when i already have a boyyy.
 people are dumb.

i'm going to bed.
read the rest of my book.
i started it a day ago and i got about ten pages left. 
 i read fast. lol.


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