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I Try To Forget The Past...


wow!!! first day back to school!!!! i guess you can say it was okay. i mean highschool isnt that bad i guess. umm..
1st hour had to be the best hour tho. it was mrs. scibilia yea i know most people dont like her but all my friends are in that class && she was nice today.
2nd hour was okay mr. moskal is very cool. umm..
3rd hour!! haha!!! 3rd hour oh my wow..ok..um..i sit behind mike KLINE (frank's brother) haha...he's shy.  he can talk to me on phones but not in class. lol. but he's cool. after class he hit me with his book! loser!!! lol.
4th hour mr.townsend is VERY cool. lol. thats all i have to say.
Lunch. wow!! ALOT of my friends are there! EXCEPT frank,thomas, && justin. that really makes me SAD!!!
5th hour. umm..wow!!! its me && kyle && a bunch of other people we do NOT know. lol. it was really boring && me && kyle just fooled around for the most part.
6th hour. MATH!!! ugh..hate it! mrs. anderlite wasnt even there && she already gave us homework!! ugh!

i rarely ever saw frank..not COOL!! i think he went home tho..hes really sick. ugh..NOT cool. once agian!!!

Well I'm Done Now.

The End.


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