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I'm So In Love With What We Were. <3

yay? it's been 5 months wif frank. = D i guess...i'm happy.

but today i danced in the rain wif ashley <3 it was fun.

wish....my boyfriend would've been there. but i guess now a days that's to much to ask for.

wow...5 months wif him and yea..i guess it's TOO hard to see me.  but yea..w/e. = (

or even call if that. *thanks i apperciate it*

umm..but yea. i had fun although my boyfriend forgot about me. = \

today i hung out wif ashley mikey and kyle.

kyle would NEVER shut ^! lol.


i re-did my livejournal what do you think,



i'm done now.

the end. <3

This Is Me,
Kissing You,


iguessiloveyoufrankjosephkline? </3

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Verry good job!
I need your help with my layout, please.
I Love Youu
Love Always,
The Ugly One
shannon u stupid buthole i nneed to know where u find live journal layouts cus there is never any good ones on photobucket
Im a loser but u gots to help me with my lJ
i like you lj.
im sorry about frank sweety. he does love you. maybe he was busy??? just try and think of the brightside, at least you can talk to him(even tho the bastard didnt call you) and at least you get to see him once in a while. maybe his crazeii dad grounded him again? i dont kno. there has to be a reason he didnt call. but he DOES love you sweety!
just like i do!

te hee i played in the rain too..!! =D